Can people who do not believe in this kind of help be helped?

The belief that you will be better during treatment is not a prerequisite for the success of Omerović’s treatment. On the contrary, you can be as skeptical as you want. You can be an opponent of this and it is possible to help you. When using Omerović’s treatments, you don’t have to believe that his treatments will help you. You can be as skeptical as you want.

You don’t have to concentrate or relax. You are free to cross your arms and legs as you wish. You can literally turn around if you want. You can talk, sing, eat, drink, listen to music, read, watch television while you sleep … You can walk, dance, laugh, cry, phone … (especially if the treatment is from a distance, if your actions do not irritate others). All this does not affect the outcome of the therapy. It is sufficient that during the treatment the hand of you or someone else is in your painful or injured place, or in a place where there is some discomfort.

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