About us

Healer Muhamed Omerovic is known around the world of alternative medicine. He can be found all over the EU and of course in the Western Balkans for years.

Due to his active participation in the defense of Sarajevo, he was seriously injured in 1992 by a sniper bullet to the neck.

Due to the severity of the injury, he was transferred to Germany for treatment. He underwent surgery in Germany. After four years of treatment, he mysteriously healed. Literally about night.

Then he realizes that he has the gift of helping the injured and sick.

Today he helps people around the world with his unique healing method that he developed during the last quarter of a century by treating people.

First, let’s start with which diseases and injuries are treated by the treatments of bioenergetician Muhamed Omerović.

People are often inclined to a bioenergetician just to go for diseases of unknown origin. Or for injuries and diseases for which they have not found a cure anywhere, so going to a bioenergetician is their last hope.

It is often heard that someone knows how to say: “I know what it is for me. That’s what I hit… lifted hard… I have a bad posture when I sit… from stress… and it’s not for a bioenergetician. That’s for the doctor. ” And so on.

That is exactly the big mistake. Healer Muhamed Omerović, with his unique method of treatment, which he developed over 25 years of dealing with bioenergy, successfully and in a very short time, solves exactly these problems.