Healer Muhamed Omerović is one of the few alternative healers who calls himself a healer, without any ritual acts in his treatments. His explanation of how and what happens during the treatment is consistent with explanations of scientists in the field of quantum physics.
According to him it is only a matter of days when it will be possible to explain all this scientifically, without any mixing of quasi-science.
The big problem today is the aversion to conventional medicine and pharmaceuticals for almost any alternative form of treatment.
It is expected that conventional medicine will accept this treatment method in the same way as acupuncture and chiropractic Because they were also against acupuncture and chiropractic, and now it is inconceivable to exclude chiropractic and acupuncture from modern therapies used in the treatment of many diseases and injuries.

Alternative treatments, not only the method that healer Omerović uses, but also many others, are complementary to conventional medicine. Conventional medicine has the means to monitor the course of treatment and to determine the effects of a particular treatment.
Miracles are possible with a little goodwill.
Exactly, healer Omerović hopes for the realization of these “miracles”.

Healer Muhamed Omerović is one of the few healers who does (free) group treatments for an unlimited number of people.

When it started in 2018, it was even condemned by colleagues who called see self healer and treated people from a distance. Their excuse was that the treatment energy could get dirty.
After successfully treating more than 50,000 in two years, Omerović is already living his “miracle” and many are following his path, even those who criticized him. And they are now trying to achieve positive results when treating a large number of people remotely.
Healer Omerović is pursuing this with certain technical resource (software) assumptions and hopes that the therapies already tested for certain related illnesses and injuries, the results of which have been verified and are reliably known to help a large number of people, will be even more successful.
At the same time, therapies should be available to almost everyone, and it will be possible that the prices of his treatments will be such that everyone can afford treatment remotely when they need it, rather than waiting for several days. as is the case now.