Bio-healer Muhamed Omerović is best known for his unusual and extremely effective bioenergetic methods of treatment.

What adorns all his previous methods are the results that are shown during the treatment itself.

The only thing that many do not like is that it is not always easy to reach him and get his treatments. For some, you have to wait until they are scheduled (paid group treatments on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays). Others are again, by agreement, but much more expensive (individual paid remote treatments), and the most popular, free group for an unlimited amount of people are on average once a month.

It would be ideal if these treatments could be held whenever we need them, but…

However, this is where the bioenergetician found a solution.

After three years of testing, first on people with chronic diseases, and later on people with everyday problems and difficulties, Omerović designed, branded and launched something unprecedented on the market.


No, it’s not a joke.

Everything that characterizes all his types of treatments is also characteristic of the cream. And more than that.

The results are currently noticable with the cream as well. Just as with bioenergetic treatments.

Energized cream gives excellent results in all types of pain of known and unknown origin: headaches (ordinary and migraine), pain in the back and lower back, neck, abdomen, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, joints, hands, muscles, tendons, throat, sinuses … The cream gives excellent results with various sports injuries of soft and hard tissues with or without hematomas.

Then, in case of burns, cuts etc.

Even in various skin and allergic diseases, as well as in diseases of the respiratory tract and organs, extraordinary results have been recorded.

The cream also helps with health problems caused by covid

Energized cream was used by many people with postcovid syndrome. Their experiences are phenomenal. People who have used the cream while infected with the covid-19 virus also report that using the cream has helped them with a lot of problems. They applied Energized Cream to the parts of the body where the symptoms were most prominent and felt great relief. Despite the fact that the Cream treatments achieved extraordinary results, it should be noted that the Cream in no way replaces doctors and their treatments. It is recommended to use the cream as a supplement, especially for serious diseases such as various malignant diseases, covid-19, infections and the like.

Although this was not the intention when it came to creating Energized Cream, the experiences of people who have had the opportunity to try it show that the use of Energized miraculous effective cream® reduces (erases) wrinkles on the face and softens scars on the skin.

How to use Cream? (Instructions for use / use)

The cream should be applied in a thin layer on the skin where the problem is felt, and if bearable, gently rub into the skin.

Of course, with burns and cuts, you shouldn’t even think about rubbing the cream into your skin. Here you only need to apply the cream to the injured area.

The effectiveness, in the form of reduction or disappearance of pain or other discomfort, should be felt after just a few minutes.

The cream can, if necessary, be applied to the skin several times during the day, without any restrictions and fear that it may cause side effects.

In addition to the current, the cream has a delayed effect.

Omerovic lacked just that… that the person, if necessary, receive treatment. So he came up with the idea to try an energized cream. And it turned out to be a complete hit.

The combined treatment with cream and bioenergetic treatment gives results better than any bioenergetic treatment.

The effectiveness of the cream has so far worked on the skin of many professional athletes, and some people with chronic diseases. And all those who have tried it are more than satisfied.

The results are surprisingly good…

Does Cream always help and what if it doesn’t help?

The cream is designed to help with bioenergetic treatments. It has been shown to give excellent results even when used alone, without combining with treatments. In severe forms of injuries or diseases (usually long-term diseases), it should be kept in mind that the best results are still achieved by combining bioenergetic treatment and cream.

Most often, the results are felt immediately after applying the cream. But there are also people, and diseases, which require longer treatment with the cream. This is especially the case with severe, usually long-term health problems. Then combining the cream with bioenergetic treatment is necessary. In these cases, it is recommended that you attend one or two Omerović remote bioenergy treatments, whether the treatments are paid or free.

For this, remote bioenergy treatments are not available for a limited number of people. These paid treatments are every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 8 p.m. You can find out more at and for individual treatments at while free treatments are occasional. You can find information about free treatments at and on the fb page Omerović-bioenergija.

If you only use the Cream one time, you might as well not be using it at all. Because, it is unlikely that you will solve your problem with just one day of applying the Cream to a painful or injured place. Admittedly, there are some cases where it works, but they are rare.

Who can’t the Cream help?

People with autoimmune diseases should not expect help from treatments or creams alone or in combination.

People who were born with certain deformities should also not count on the help of treatments or creams.

Likewise, people who have had a stroke or some trauma that has damaged their central or peripheral nervous system cannot count on improving their health either by using creams or bioenergetic treatments.

If in doubt, whether the cream can help you and whether it is recommended to use it for the health problem you have, feel free to contact us with a message on the messenger from the fb page Omerović-bioenergija. Viber / WhatsApp number +31640198868 is also available here


The cream is for external use only.

Although, during the three-year testing, no case of any allergic reaction to the Cream has been recorded, be sure to read the composition of the cream.

If the Cream contains a substance to which you are allergic, the use of the cream is not recommended.

This Cream is not a medical cream. Its composition has not changed. Thus, none of the medicinal substances of artificial or natural origin are added.

The cream was energized by bio-healer Omerović, and the cream has a beneficial effect on it.

The expiration date is printed on the Cream itself.

How to get the Cream, what is the price and where can it be obtained?

You can get the cream only from authorized resellers. HERE you can see which people are authorized to sell Energized Miracle Effective Cream

Currently, the cream will be available in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro.

The first quantities of Energized Miracle Effective Cream are ready to be delivered to customers.

New quantities will arrive in the next few days. That will be enough for all of you who have ordered creams so far.

Work is already underway to make the cream available to more people who want to get it online from next year.

The price of the cream is 25 euros (200 kuna, 50 km, 3000 RSD).

For all information contact:


-Phone / Viber / WhatsApp (Text message only) +31640198868

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