What do Omerović’s treatments look like?

When it comes to Omerović’s treatments, whether you go to his remote treatments or Face To Face, if you haven’t already, you will experience a pleasant surprise. It’s something you haven’t been able to see anywhere yet.

The explanation that follows is for purely practical reasons, that is that it is not explained to each person individually how the bioenergetician Omerović works, and therefore a comparison with others who deal with bioenergy treatment and their method of treatment.

Most healers today (and there are those who pretend to be healers) instruct you to relax, adjust to a certain position, palms in a certain position to receive energy, and strictly forbidden to cross your arms and legs, taking into account that this makes it difficult or even impossible to let energy flow … And of course many of them (and not all) expect you to convince yourself that you are better off in advance by suggesting what you should feel during treatment; flow, heat, etc. The point of many of them is mainly what you feel during the treatment and the rest will come later.

The basic feature of Omerović’s method of treatment is the hand on the painful place.

The basic feature of Omerović’s method of treatment is the hand on the painful place. There are no ritual acts.

In the case of Face To Face treatment, it is the hand of Mr. Omerović, and in the case of remote treatment, it is usually the hand of the person attending the treatment, and it can be anyone’s hand. For example, if someone has problems with the shoulders or back, it makes sense that a sick person can hardly hold his own hands. In that case, it is done by the person who helps him with the treatment.

Can people who do not believe in this kind of help be helped?

And of course, now what is most interesting, when you are on Omerović’s treatments, you don’t have to believe that his treatments will help you. You can be as skeptical as you want. You don’t have to concentrate or relax. You are free to cross your arms and legs as you wish. You can literally turn around if you want. You can talk, sing, eat, drink, listen to music, read, watch television while you sleep … You can walk, dance, laugh, cry, phone … (especially if the treatment is from a distance, if your actions do not irritate others). All this does not affect the outcome of the therapy. The only thing that matters is that during the treatment, your or someone else’s hand is in your painful or injured place, or in the place where the problem is certain.

And what is even more interesting, what is most important to people who seek his help, with Omerović’s treatments, the result is visible even during the therapy itself.

How important is what you feel during the treatment?

The first tip is not to attach importance to what you felt during the treatment. So, do not pay attention to these various sensations (so called perceptions of organisms when it comes to a particular bioenergy therapy, heat, pulsation, flow, often even the feeling that something is moving under the arm).

At Omerović’s treatments, it is important what you will feel after the end of the treatment, because, in most cases, the pain and discomfort literally disappear while you keep your hands where the problem is.

So far, his services have been used by more than 100,000 people from more than 80 countries. The results are fascinating. More than 90% of people are oversatisfied with the effects of treatment.