For what types of diseases, injuries and conditions does the healer Muhamed Omerović help?

First, let’s start with what diseases and injuries are treated by the treatments of healer Muhamed Omerović.

People are often inclined to a bioenergetician just to go for diseases of unknown origin. Or for injuries and diseases for which they have not found a cure anywhere, so going to a bioenergetician is their last hope.

It is often heard that someone knows how to say: “I know what it is for me. That’s what I hit… lifted hard… I have a bad posture when I sit… from stress… and it’s not for a bioenergetician. That’s for the doctor. ” And so on.

That is exactly the big mistake. Healer Muhamed Omerović, with his unique method of treatment, which he developed over 25 years of dealing with bioenergy, successfully and in a very short time, solves exactly these problems.

Very few people in the world can do such a thing as healer Muhamed Omerović. Most cases of even the most serious sports injuries (physical) are resolved effortlessly in a short time.

Usually two to three treatments are enough to get rid of pain in the knees, shoulders, back, neck, abdomen…

Countless athletes from all over the world were cured of the most severe injuries of muscles, tendons and joints by healer Omerović in just a few days.

Because, the specialty of bioenergetician Muhamed Omerović is sports injuries.

And starting from the most harmless inflammations caused by efforts during competition or training process, and various contusions of muscles, tendons, bones, with or without hematomas, distortion of joints, to more serious sprains and ruptures of muscles and tendons.

Treatments by healer Muhamed Omerović have proven to be very effective and efficient in all types of disease where pain is present, regardless of whether the cause of pain is of a known or unknown nature. Literally anything that hurts. Literally, anything that hurts.

Headaches, ordinary and migraine, pain in the lower back, back, shoulders, elbows, ankles, hands, feet, hips, groin, knees.

Even if they are pains from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and other similar diseases. And these types of pain are often significantly alleviated or completely eliminated.

People with dizziness, weakened immunity, heel spurs, tennis elbow and some forms of depression, various fears, phobias, People who are strongly affected by stress can also use the healer Omerović treatments.

Burns, cuts, postoperative problems. Respiratory problems, sinuses, ear, throat, nose, abdominal pain (stomach problems, fatty liver, lazy bowels … Digestive problems), people with different cysts and much more.

It is also possible to treat children with treatments.

Bioenergetician Muhamed Omerović has so far had 17 people who were positive for the Corona virus after testing. After the treatment, all persons are better and they are currently treated as persons who have recovered. In addition to them, about 100 people who were not tested for the Corona virus were treated with bioenergy, and the people who were tested also had symptoms. All these people are without symptoms and difficulties after the treatment of healer Omerović.

And of course, people infected with the “normal” flu virus can also use the Omerović treatments very well.

Healer Omerović treatments can also be used as adjunctive therapy in the treatment of individuals suffering from carcinogenic diseases. So it should always be the main word of doctors in conventional medicine.

Very good results are in people undergoing chemotherapy. Treatments neutralize the side effects caused by chemotherapy in a very short time, so that chemotherapy ultimately gives a much better effect and people recover much faster and easier.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to help with all types of diseases and injuries.

People with Parkinson’s disease cannot count on the success of Omerović’s treatments. Then there are people who have epilepsy, schizophrenia and people who have a damaged central or peripheral nervous system.

This mainly refers to people who have had a stroke and brain damage, and people whose nerves have been damaged and severed during an accident or surgery. These people usually cannot be helped.