Who is Muhamed Omerovic?

Healer Muhamed Omerovic is known around the world of alternative medicine. He can be found all over the EU and of course in the Western Balkans for years.

Due to his active participation in the defense of Sarajevo, he was seriously injured in 1992 by a sniper bullet to the neck.

Due to the severity of the injury, he was transferred to Germany for treatment. He underwent surgery in Germany. After four years of treatment, he mysteriously healed. Literally about night.

Then he realizes that he has the gift of helping the injured and sick.

Today he helps people around the world with his unique healing method that he developed during the last quarter of a century by treating people.

Through a number of connections, they put me in the hospital and eventually operated on my spine. I was treated for four years, but nothing could be done about the pain. The pain was such that I couldn’t sit or walk. It always hurt. I slept in armchairs, chairs, if it can be called sleep, and once in that sleep I heard a voice say to me, ‘You should and will cut (forgive) everyone in half, regardless of whether or not you know who harmed you . ”

I woke up in the morning and thought I was dead. Nothing hurt me anymore. Just at that time, a friend came to me with whom I was studying and who worked on a construction site in Munich. He complained of back pain and I mechanically put my hands on him and he said, “Um, your hands are burning!” And I heal his back pain. That’s how I started. I asked questions, researched, tried first in a circle of friends, acquaintances. What would our people say, “God’s hand has guided me!”. I have discovered that I can also give therapy remotely.

– I always thought that there had to be some kind of connection until I came into contact with Ahir Bosnić, with whom I became friends, with Damir Šturman, a bio-energeticist from Poreč. I messaged him on Skype once a night and he complained that his ear and tooth hurt. When we solved this by holding one hand on the tooth and the little finger of the other hand in his ear, I realized I didn’t need to be connected by phone, I didn’t need to know who was sick, what was hurting him or where he was. I just have to tell that person, or someone else around, when to put their hand on the sore spot and when to remove it. And it works.

It often happens that I process about ten people at the same time. Industry. It is proof to me that nothing is mine, it is inexplicable to me. I have a gift that works and I want as many people as possible to use it – continue Muhamed Omerović, who quite by accident discovered that his gift had a particularly good effect on sports injuries.

– In the asylum seekers center where I was in the Netherlands, a child cycled and fell. I took him for two minutes and he jumped back on the bike and left. I was surprised, but that’s how I realized that bodily harm is easiest for me. When the body is healthy, healing the pain is the least problem. Athletes are young, healthy people, their metabolism is perfect, their physical injuries are resolved without problems.

I treat everything that hurts, except for those injuries that need to be repaired surgically. But let’s say, I resolve muscle tear, the classic, longitudinal, within half an hour – continues the former sports journalist, who now lives in Tilburg and is especially proud of the names of the athletes he helped. The list contains impressive names, in Rijeka he was visited by Xavi Garcia, Anđelo Šetka, Sandro Sukno, former basketball player of “Škrljevo” Marko Milekić was healed from ankle deformation after only half an hour of treatment, footballers of “Rijeka” Stefan Ristovski and Roman Bezjak go to him, and of all is undoubtedly the most famous – Ivica Olić.