How often should I come for treatment?

Like any form of healing, healing with a healer is a process. Each process takes some time to achieve the desired results.

Healer Omerović does not insist on a certain number of treatments. Everyone has to decide for themselves how much treatment they want and how much they think is enough for them. Especially since stopping to get to the healer in itself never leads to a worsening of the condition. In the worst case, it will be the same as before the treatment.

When it comes to experience, the best results are achieved when you get to four treatments in the shortest time (if possible every day). Then he recommends a break of about 15 days and repeat if necessary.

This is very difficult for most people seeking help from healer Omerović when it comes to Face To Face treatments. Because, very rarely, Omerović stays in one place for more than two or three days.

Although the results of his treatment method are immediately visible, it is recommended that you come to at least two treatments as soon as possible if you want longer results.

For those who wish to follow this recommendation, there is a possibility to attend Omerović’s treatments remotely (in groups or individually).

However, all this is left to the conscience of each individual.